Our Free Online Business Conference "Finding Success in the Digital Age is Almost Here! Sat April 17

In 2020 the covid19 pandemic shifted our whole economy into the digital space. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs were unprepared for this pandemic and found it hard to adjust, with 81% of our businesses reporting losses. This is why LegacyFirst.Org LLC made the decision to focus on helping our local businesses not only get back to business, but leverage the resources of experts to help us thrive in this new economy.

Managing Partner, Preston Baker

Our Managing Partner, Preston Baker announced in January 2021 that our companies focus this year would be partnerships and service. We want to service the business community and inspire our mission of social entrepreneurship, so our businesses can help develop resources and opportunities for our local underserved communities.

Finding Success In The Digital Age

The online conference is FREE to all with the ability for businesses to showcase their products or services through our virtual vendor booths. We will also have a unique first with our live 1 on 1 networking.

We have some great speakers that will inspire you as well as panels and sessions to help with branding, marketing, content creation, customer service, building your social media and it's all FREE

Our main speakers:

1. Amazon Bestselling Author Rev. Tisha Dixon-Williams, who utilized her social media during the pandemic to broaden her reach. She is an amazing public speaker that is going to teach and inspire us through her journey.

2. Nicky Saunders is social media expert & digital content creator with an amazing following. She is credited for helping motivational speaker Eric Thomas go viral and really taking his brand to greater audiences. She is going to take the time to educate us on how to build our social media, brand and really get the engagement we are looking for.

3. Jaysun Kerr is a dynamic public speaker and growth & development coach. He has spoken all over the United States and he is going to bring a talk on the tools we need within in us and in our business to really push forward toward success in this digital age.

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