Our Covid-19 Pledge

or every client that makes a purchase we will donate $25 to a nonprofit or business helping with COVID19 on an unlimited amount of times!

We here at LegacyFirst.Org LLC do feel it is the responsibility of all in the community in times like these to act as one, including our businesses. We want to make sure the communities that have supported us are taken care of when this is all over. Some advisors may be able to donate time and some may not, but as an organization built on creating legacies we want to do our part.

There are many organizations (businesses and nonprofits) helping in some capacity. Some are delivering food to seniors, some are serving food, some are making food, some are helping the essential workers, some are helping locate essential needs etc., We want to support their efforts.

Our Pledge:

We will donate $25.00 to a business or nonprofit, whenever a client makes a purchase of a product or service. We are donating to local community organizations that often get overlooked and they must be helping the community during COVID19 at some capacity. The donation will be made in our name, but we will note that you advised us to donate to this organization so you can get the recognition. As a brokerage we wait for the companies of which we offer their product or services to compensate us and once that has been completed we will make the donation and notify you. Last we want the public to know we are staying true to our pledge and we will request a picture to create a post as to the organization we are donating and who referred us to the organization. We hold the right to use these pics on all our platforms (social media, email campaigns, website, etc.,) if you do not wish to be posted we will donate the funds to one of the organizations of our choice by end of each month of when funds are received.

Thank you for your confidence! We ask you to join us and help us do our part to make a difference. Please spread the word, refer us so we can hopefully give away thousands.

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