Last Will and Testament Vs Living Will, do you know the difference?

A Last Will and Testament dictates how a person wants their property distributed at the time of death. You have the ability to name a guardian for your children. You can also name the person who will distribute your assets. Keep in mind every state has laws as to the execution of your will. A last will is only effective at time of death.

A Living Will becomes effective when a person is incapable of making medical decisions specified by their state, such as a coma or being in a vegetative state. A person can be authorized to communicate with doctors and medical personnel about what they can or cannot do according to the living will. This is usually accomplished with a health care power of attorney which is usually included with living will.

The main difference as you can see, a last will is realized at the time of death as deals with the person assets and the living will is used when the person is alive and deals with the persons wants when they can't communicate. You appoint a health care proxy and with the living will you give them instruction, so your wishes are followed.

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Watch this video to find out more about what can go in your will and get access to the app.

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