Business Plan Made Simple

Answer these questions to help you formulate your business plan.

1. Business Idea

What is your idea?

Why problem is your idea solving?

Why will people buy it?

2. Business Name

Is it Unique?

Is It easy to remember?

What does the name say about the business?

3. Audience

Who will your clients be?

What is their age demographics?

Where do the live? What do they do?

What do they have in common?

4. Marketing

How will you promote your business?

Where do you sell your product or service?

How will you reach your target audience?

5. Pricing

What will you charge?

What are your competitors charging?

How much are the upfront cost vs what your price is?

6. Profit

How much will you make after expenses?

What will you do with the profits?

How will you reinvest? cost vs sale price?

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