4 Online Business & Professional Networking Tips

If we learned anything from the Covid19 Pandemic when it comes to our business and professional careers is that we can reach more people online than in person. The key is how do we leverage this new digital reality. Many people have transitioned to focusing on branding and new marketing techniques to engage clients online, which we agree is important. Our ability to network is equally important. We don't have to master networking online, we just have to be comfortable with getting to know other professionals in the digital space. Here are a few tips that we found helpful.

  1. Develop Your Online Profile

It is important to have a clean profile wherever you are promoting yourself on a professional level. People are looking at your profile to see if you are authentic and that Linkedin page can validate you and build trust. Any social media site that you are not using professionally make sure it is private. Why? When a person looks you up on one site such as Linkedin they may jump to another site such as Facebook or Instagram. Make sure you are clear about what you do and make sure any links or contact information is accurate.

2. . Build to Connect Not to Sale.

Many people will reach out to hundreds of profiles connecting and pitching themselves or their business. You have to remember just because it is virtual does not mean that the natural steps of building a relationship have changed. People still want to get to know the person they are connecting with. When you first reach out after reviewing the persons profile make sure your introductory is tight and it's more about them than it is about you.


Hi John,

My name is Steve and I work with Unlimited Agencies. We are a hiring agency in the local area. I was passing by your page and noticed you were an entrepreneur. First off congrats that's a step many think of, but never take the leap. Second, I was reading about your company Lexytext LLC understanding your in the fashion industry, I thought there would be a great opportunity to network. I would like to connect, to learn more about your business and see if there is an opportunity for us to be a resource to each other.


In the first step we open the door, in the next step we move to setup a call and if all goes well we push to a virtual meeting on Zoom or Skype. The 2nd step allows us to get to know the person and it makes them a bit more comfortable by the time we meet each other face to face even if it is online.

3. Follow Up

The worst thing we can do when we start building a relationship with someone is not respond to them within a certain amount of time. Check your emails and social media messages at least once a day. This way you never let a message sit for more than 24 hours without a response. Everyone is busy, remember that and the fact that in your busy schedule you always take the time to respond will work wonders in showing that you value the person you are just connecting with.

4. Don't Be Pushy

The Last tip of the day is very simple. Don't force anything let everything come natural. If you are emailing and contacting a person to often it can hurt more than help. If your thinking Sale, Sale, Sale you will only turn the person off. Nobody likes the over aggressive sales person it makes you look desperate and that is true even if it's about a job. Being a assertive and being overly aggressive are two different things.

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