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leg·​a·​cy | \ ˈle-gə-sē  \

plural legacies

1. Something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.

LegacyFirst.Org LLC is a finance and business consulting company. Our goal is to help you build and enhance your Legacy. If you are a business owner we help your company develop strategies for marketing and business development, we also help your company maximize earning potential through financial services. In addition, we also help families and individuals who are just looking to build their Legacy through financial services by hosting workshops on financial literacy, strategies and providing services such Estate Planning and Life Insurance. 

Business Consulting 

We offer a a multitude of services to help your company with it's growth & development such as web design, video production, digital strategy, financial strategy, workshops, & seminars. 

Digital Services 

We provide digital services that will help you with your events or your business. We help with video production, webs design, flyers, digital marketing strategy and so much more. Let us help you navigate the digital space. 

Finance Consulting

Whether for individuals our companies we provide consultation to help you make educated financial decisions. We provide services from life insurance, retirement planning, alternative investing  strategy and estate planning

Workshops & Seminars

We have regular workshops, seminars and networking events for our clients. These events will help enhance your knowledge on financial strategy and/or help you in your business. 


This will be a great opportunity to expand your network and build your brand. Our first ever live 1 on 1 virtual networking meet other business professionals worldwide.

What Our Clients Say

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Pastor Dr. Robert Linden , President of New York Progressive Baptist State Convention

"Working with LegacyFirst.Org LLC has helped our organization navigate the digital space throughout the covid19 pandemic. They provided great resources  that kept our organization in front of not only our members mind, but even bringing brand awareness to fresh faces."